Meilin C. Pierce, MBA 

Investment Specialist &

Master Property Management

DRE 02049643

Member of: NAR, CAR, South Bay AOR

Head Office Los Angeles Downtown

123 S Figueroa Street

Unit 108

Los Angeles CA 90012 USA

Tel:   1-310-866-3816

Fax:  1-323-443-1091

   I have an MBA with an emphasis on finance and international management. I am hardworking, honesty, friendly, warm, responsible and bilingual (English & Mandarin) with a passion for helping people.  Also, I have strong negotiation skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, am highly motivated and detail oriented and an expert in navigating through challenging situations.

   I offer outstanding professional service to buyers, sellers and investors. For buyers, I never get tired showing houses until finding your dream home. For sellers, I focus on selling homes for the best return with no money left on the negotiation table. For investors, I am a specialist for commercial & residential properties. My finance background will yield very good advice regarding investment property.  I have extensive experience in real estate including China.

   Also, I am a certified real estate investment planning specialist, certified in master property management (PMM). I am confident that my knowledge, personal character and outstanding professional service will help and satisfy buyers, sellers and investors.    If you are an English speaker, I have one of our top agents as my business partner. We are more than able to provide outstanding service to buyers, sellers and investors. Please contact me. or WeChat ID: meilinpierce. 


我获得了双硕士学位,有金融和国际貿易二个专业。我很能吃苦, 工作认真和负责。我是一个诚实,友好,热情,会双语言并非常热充于去帮助人们的女士。 我有很好的分析能力,谈判技能,企业家的精神,非常高的主动性,非常注意 细节,很有专业能力去应对挑战情况。我的使命是提供杰出,专业的服务于买者,卖者和投资者。对于买者,我将从不知道疲倦直到你們找到一个梦想的房子。对于卖者,我将致力于卖出最好的价格且从不留下任何的一份钱在谈判卓上。对于投资者,我的金融专业能给你很好的建议的帮助;我也获得了房产投资的特殊代理的资格证书和硕士房地产管理的资格证书。我在房地产行业有很长时间的经验包括中国。如果你只能听很纯的英语,我还有一个 顶级的房产代理与我合作。我的知识,我的优良品格和标准专业水准的服务给予我非常大的信心将帮助和满足买,卖和投资者.我的邮箱 微信号:meilinpierc手机:(310)866-3816。

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