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Our head office is located in Prime Downtown Los Angeles with Satellite Offices located throughout California.   We are proud to be the only 100% commission brokerage in California with a prestigious downtown address and offering corporate branded offices accessible 24/7.  


Our team is developed by Founder, Jin , Real Estate Broker and Realtor with the National Association of Realtors.   He remains in an advisory role as a Board member while Compliance Manager Wendy Liew directs all operations with Julie Lee as the new General Manager.   


As we expand our franchise network globally, our clients come from both local and overseas channels and our agents are able to provide cultural and language support including Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, French, Korean and Japanese.

Associate Brokers:

Dahlia Merhi

Karen Uy


Sheila Abrishamy

John Ahadi    

David Akunwafo

Jose Alday

Michael Alday

Greggy Alonte

John Andruska 

Maurice Anyadike  

Iwona Bakier

Andrea Barbee

Charne Blake

Kevin Brown

Kristofer Burgo

Lori Butler

Suria Calacuayo

Maria Cervantes

Erika Cho

Michael Chong

Tracey Feher

Alexander Fera

Salvador Fernandes

Pablo Flores

Robert Garcia 

Pansie Gayton

Osheen Haghnazarian

Wisteria Harris

Renee Hartanto

Clinton Haywood

Ranya Hilala

Ron Hirji

Justin Hixon

Cassidy Howe

Jeff Jian Hu

Kameko Jackson

Kaveh Khosroshahi

Jason Koyama    

John Kraus

Los Angeles Team

Associate Brokers:

Frank Mohammadi

Terrence Nguyen

Craig Russom


Mark Anthony

Serge Chalik

Linda Chilcoat

Cynthia Cui

Amy Cho-Gilham

Quyen Dinh

David Doehring

Karen Fonthal

Fira Harsono

Thach Hoang

Ben Kyungsoo Kim

Yumi Matsumoto

Tawfiq Mossadak

Terron Poole

Chaitanya Prakash

Jivesh Sabnani

Daniel Schweikert

Joseph Selassie

Yanling Song

William Sou

Cathy Sun

Valentina Strehin

Terry Sullivan

Danie Thach

Tiffany Tran

Johnathan Wagner

Avery Wang Yuan Hui

Marina Weahunt

May Mei Xi

Judy Yip

Jin Yoo

Hao Zou

Arlene Lee

Irene Lee

Julie Lee

Karen Lee

Marc Lee

Woong (Unni) Lee

Mark Lin

Christopher Liu

Christopher Lu

Gilbert Martin

Nicholas Martin

Sergio Martinez

Darron Matsumoto

Robert Mejia

Luis Ruben Mez

Mashon Miller

Dominica Monk

Juan Morales

Jolie Nguyen

Aderotimi Ogunnaike   

Christiana Okeke

John H Pae

Lisa Palma

Jacob Porter

Pavlin Pachov

Linda Phan

Shakila Rahman

Emil Rasem

Luis Rivas

Pouya Sakhteman Gar

Mathieu Schmitt

Min Kyu Shin

Ira Soebroto

John Sto Domingo

Roxanna Stroska

Laura TanWang

Beverly Tang 

Norman Tang

Ashish Tank

Kyi Tha

Sultan Tipu

Sue Trainoff

Tiffany Truong

Gina Ugarte 

Kimberly Vicknair

Clernicole (Dezmyre) Volmeus

Eileen Walker 

Diane Wu 

Shiho Yamamoto

Zamire Yueksel

Robert Zavala

Eileen Yanan Zhang 

Wendy Zhen

Irvine - Newport Beach Team

San Diego Team

Associate Brokers:


Grace Gutierrez D Q

Nikki Somo

Wei Yao

Inland Empire Team

Inland Empire Team

Associate Brokers:


Paula Roddigaines

Associate Brokers:


Paula Roddigaines

Associate Brokers:


Paula Roddigaines

Meet the Stars

Associate Kris

Kris B, Associate


Associate Nikki

Nikki S, Associate


Associate Kaveh

Kaveh K, Associate


Associate Roxanna

Roxanna S, Associate


Associate Alex

Alex F, Associate


Associate  Karen

Karen L, Associate


Associate Ira

Ira S, Associate


Cynthia C, Associate


Associate Tiffany

Tiffany T, Associate


Associate  Julie

Julie L, Sr Associate


Our New 2024 Management Team

With over 50 years of aggregated Brokerage Management, Transaction Coordinating and Escrow experience, the Stanfles Admin team brings unsurpassed support and services for our associates.  Meet the 2023 backbone team.

Board Chairperson
Julie Lee
Associate Julie

With over 20 years of real estate and transaction management, Julie now leads and manages a few companies for synergy and integration of resources.

Broker of Record

With over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, banking and Investing, the broker leads the team to surpass clients expectations and change the existing traditional business model.

Operations & Compliance 
Wendy Liew
TC Wendy

Coming from a corporate operations background of over 30 years, Wendy takes care of back end operations and regulatory documentation compliance.

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